Race Results
2015 Season Prize-giving. And the winners are……………………
9 March 2016

Last Friday the SB20 class enjoyed a fantastic night in the RIYC to celebrate the achievements of 2015, and kick-off an exciting programme for 2016. 70 guests ensured a fun-filled evening, and the energy and chat around the coming season had everyone chomping at the bit to get sailing. The class was delighted to welcome 2016 newcomers, and to toast the success of the old stalwarts. The planned training weekends in April with Mark Rhodes will rub off the rust and get us all up to speed quickly. Make sure and sign up for your place.

Congratulations to the trophy winners
John Lyons & crew – Mephisto Trophy
Chris Nolan – Aphrodite Cup
Ian Meldon – SinBin Trophy
Aidan O’Connell & crew – Graham Elmes Trophy
Michael O’Connor, Owen Laverty & Kevin Johnson – Crichton Trophy, Sunday SB20 Cup, Bealtaine Trophy, Lunasa Trophy, Equinox Trophy, George Arthur Newsom Cup