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Please note below is based on exact information provided by the sellers.
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Sacre Bleu Irl 3164 – SOLD Dec 2018

Artful Dodger Irl 3272 – SOLD Jan 2019

Sin Bin Irl 3544 – SOLD Feb 2019

Broomsticks Irl 3537 – SOLD Feb 2019

Sails for Sale
New sails used only for SB20 Europeans.
• Jib, Main, Genneker- Branded with KnowHowDo
€3,000 or nearest offers considered.
Contact: [email protected]
Shark Bait  IRL 3287

(A) Year Built:
(B) Colour: White
(C) Weight:
(D) Sail Wardrobe: 3 x suits of sails – 1 suit 2016 (black main/jib and red kite all good condition), 2nd suit good for club racing and 3rd for training.
(E) Sailing Record: Multiple Championship winner
(F) Tack tick (or similar): Tacktick
(H) Boat Condition:
(I) Any other gear: Top and bottom covers, dock bag, wireless tack tick, all safety gear, engine, spare rudder, spreaders, rigging, trailer never dipped and much more
(J) Other information: Only used for championships over last few seasons and stored in a barn when not in use.
(K) Where boat is now: Strangford Lough
(L) Asking Price: GBP £ 8000
(M) Contact Name: Darren Martin – [email protected]/07733100843

Outlaw IRL 3524

A) Year built: 2008
(B) Colour: Vela Grey
(C) Weight: 685kg with 15kg of correctors to hull weight. Keel is bang on weight.
(D) Sail wardrobe: 3 main sails (one race condition), 3 jibs (one race condition) and 2 spinnakers
(E) Sailing record: Great record whilst campaigned.
(F) Compass: Tack Tic
(G) Engine: None
(H) Boat condition: Excellent Condition
(I) Trailer: Good.
(J) Other: Campaigned only at regional and national events from 2008 – 2011. Only sailed at two recent events since with 1st or top five to the weather mark in most races.
(K) Where is Boat: Carrickfergus
(L) Price: GBP £8,000

Contact: Gavin Polland – [email protected]

Defiant IRL 3313 

A) Year Built: 2007
(B) Colour: Light grey
(C) Weight: Keel Minimum overall weight 685Kgs (no correctors) with max weight keel.
(D) Sail Wardrobe: 2 Sets Main, Jib, Spinakers.
(E) Sailing Record: Good
(F) Engine included: 2.5HP
(G) Boat Condition: Very good, Boat Trailer Good
(H) Any other gear:, New boat Cover, Outboard Bracket, some spare parts
(I) Other information: Sailed in 2016 + 2017 in Dublin Bay.
(J) Where boat is now: Wicklow
(K) Asking Price: €6300 ONO
(L) Name: Damien Dion 087 378 3092/ Gerry Jones 086 242 9993


(A) Year Built: 2006 —Replacement Hull
(B) Colour: Blue
(C) Weight: Keel 324Kgs, Hull 690 kgs, Cert 2008 – No Correctors
(D) Sail Wardrobe: 1 Main 1 Jib Good Condt., 3 Spinakers-  1 Unused.
(E) Sailing Record: Rarely Sailed. Immaculate Condition
(F) Tack tick (or similar): Tacktick Sailmaster-Wired
(G) Engine included: 2.5HP 10Hrs From New
(H) Boat Condition: Immaculate, Boat Trailer Good Condt.
(I) Any other gear: Outboard engine, Rudder, Boom Cover, Outboard Bracket
(J) Other information: Sailed Max 20 Times, Once Since Worlds Dun Laoghaire
(K) Where boat is now: Sutton Dublin 13
(L) Asking Price: €9,500
(M) Name: Joe Cull 086 – 3731738

Probably IRL 3314

(A) Year built: 2007
(B) Colour: White
(C) Weight:
(D) Sail wardrobe: 2 main sails, 3 jibs and 2 spinnakers
(E) Sailing record: Unblemished
(F) Compass: Tack Tic
(G) Engine: None
(H) Boat condition: Excellent Condition
(I) Trailer: Excellent Condition
(J) Other info: All running rigging, fenders & travel bag. New cover 2016. Under cover
(K) Where is Boat: RSGYC, Dun Laoghaire
(L) Price: €8,750
Contact: Ian Simington/Billy Riordan/Mark Nolan
Email: [email protected]    [email protected]   [email protected]