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Mephisto IRL 3308 – SOLD Apr 2017

Sin A Bhuil Irl 3165 – SOLD May 2017

BomChickaWahWah IRL 3312 – SOLD Jul 2017

Broomsticks IRL 3537 – SOLD Sep 2017

Bango Irl 3065 – SOLD Nov 2017

Seriously Bonkers IRL 3484 – SOLD Dec 2017

SB20 FRA 3655

(A) Year built:
(B) Colour: White
(C) Weight: Light hull, heavy keel
(D) Sail wardrobe: Full suit with 40 days sailing.
(E) Sailing record: Demo boat, ony sailed in World Champs, 2015 World Champion winner
(F) Compass: Velocitek
(G) Engine: Mercury
(H) Boat condition: Excellent, always stored indoors.
(I) Trailer: Excellent
(J) Other info: All racing ropes and cleats 2016 prepared. New top cover, travel and foils bag.
(K) Where is Boat: France, can ship to Ireland
(L) Price: € 15,000 ex work, excl. VAT)
Contact: Xavier Leclair, Marcon Yachting
Phone: +33 442 81 12 54
Email: [email protected]

Complete Madness GBR 3011

(A) Year built: Early Brightlingsea Boat
(B) Colour: Blue – given a tidy up of gel coat and keel by White Formula, since it has only been in the water a few times.
(C) Weight: 15kg correctors. Cerified by White Formula
(D) Sail wardrobe: Has new jib, and mainsail and spinnaker that have just done the one regatta. Other mainsail, jib and spinnaker are also in the boat
(E) Sailing record: Last proper regatta was Weymouth Europeans many years ago…Complete Madness was top 10.
(F) Compass: Tac Tic
(G) Engine: Mercury 2.2 hp outboard
(H) Boat condition: New mast and boom and bowsprit, all hardly used. New standing and running rigging.
(I) Trailer: Trailer has been used to launch with brakes out. Is old but serviceable – has non sealed bearings so easy to change.
(J) Other info: Cover, travel bag, rudder bag, anchor, horse shoe, floating line, spares, lifting strops, loos gauge, spare running rigging, travelling kit
(K) Where is Boat: In a shed in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath
(L) Price: GBP £ 8,000 ono
Contact: Paul Harrison
Email: [email protected]

SacreBleu IRL 3164

(A) Year built: 2005
(B) Colour: Blue – Early Malaysian Built
(C) Weight: on minimum weight, no correctors.
(D) Sail wardrobe: 2 main sails (one grey 2016), 3 jibs  (one grey 2017) and 3 jennakers (white, yellow and blue)
(E) Sailing record: Trophy winner in DBSC in 2016 & 2017.
(F) Compass: Tack Tick
(G) Engine: None
(H) Boat condition: Excellent. All halyards and sheets replaced 2016/17. Halyard jam cleats fitted and all safety gear rules compliant.
(I) Trailer: Excellent Condition, new suspension units fitted 2016 and brakes serviced.
(J) Other info: All running rigging, large fender. New cover 2016. Under cover. New rudder blade 2016, rudder aligned & brackets re-fixed on transom. This boat is race ready.
(K) Where is Boat: In a shed in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath
(L) Price: €8,350
Contact: Colin Galavan
Phone: 086 815 8623
Email: [email protected]

Probably IRL 3314

(A) Year built: 2007
(B) Colour: White
(C) Weight:
(D) Sail wardrobe: 2 main sails, 3 jibs and 2 spinnakers
(E) Sailing record: Unblemished
(F) Compass: Tack Tic
(G) Engine: None
(H) Boat condition: Excellent Condition
(I) Trailer: Excellent Condition
(J) Other info: All running rigging, fenders & travel bag. New cover 2016. Under cover
(K) Where is Boat: RSGYC, Dun Laoghaire
(L) Price: €8,750
Contact: Ian Simington/Billy Riordan/Mark Nolan
Email: [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]

ITA 3635

(A) Year built: 2012 (laserperformance)
(B) Colour: White
(C) Weight: minimum weight hull maximum weight keel (18 Kg corrector)
(D) Sail wardrobe: 2 main sails, 3 jibs (1 brand new)and 2 spinnakers
(E) Sailing record: Raced only in 9 events. Always in the first 4 position in the Volvo Circuit Italy. Professionally prepared for Luca Dominici
(F) Compass: Velocitek+Tacktick
(G) Engine: none
(H) Boat condition: Excellent Condition
(I) Trailer: Excellent Condition
(J) Other info: All running rigging Gottifredi Maffioli, fenders & travel bag
(K) Where is Boat: Italy, available to deliver in IRL or GB
(L) Price: €12,500
Contact: Alessandro Fiori
Phone: +39 335 7070397
Email: [email protected]

IRL 3240

(A) Year built: 2007
(B) Colour: White
(C) Weight:
(D) Sail wardrobe: 2 main sails, 2 jibs and 1 spinnakers
(E) Sailing record:
(F) Compass:
(G) Engine: Outboard
(H) Boat condition: Excellent Condition
(I) Trailer: Excellent Condition
(J) Other info: All running rigging, fenders & travel bag
(K) Where is Boat: Schull , Co Cork
(L) Price: €6,700
Contact: David Harte
Email: [email protected]


(A) Year Built: 2006 —Replacement Hull
(B) Colour: Blue
(C) Weight: Keel 324Kgs, Hull 690 kgs, Cert.- No Correctors
(D) Sail Wardrobe: Main Jib Good Condt.,3 Spinakers- 1Trng 2 Racing
(E) Sailing Record: Rarely Sailed
(F) Tack tick (or similar): Tacktick Sailmaster-Wired
(G) Engine included: 2.5HP 10Hrs From New
(H) Boat Condition: Immaculate, Boat Trailer Good Condt.
(I) Any other gear: Rudder, Boom Cover, Outboard Bracket
(J) Other information: Sailed Max 20 Times, Once Since Worlds Dun Laoghaire
(K) Where boat is now: Sutton Dublin 13
(L) Asking Price: €10,500
(M) Name: Joe Cull